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On the Drawing Boards

Here are a few of the projects we have in development now. It's our policy to invest our spare time, when we have it, in new design concepts, so now and then you'll see concepts here that are available for purchase. If you see a anything that interests you, please get in touch. The thumbnails link to a larger image.

94 Double Bridge Sportfisherman

This double-bridge sportfisherman is a go anywhere, any time, in any weather, angler’s dream boat. At 94 feet she's about the ultimate extension in a series of fast offshore fish boats that started for us with a special 42 footer over 20 years ago. Featuring both an enclosed bridge and a flying bridge, the scale of the 94 is astonishing: over 250 square feet of working cockpit area, 150 square feet of mezzanine deck, and 3,000 square feet of living, machinery, and utility spaces. Your eye level is 26 feet above the water on the flying bridge and 36 feet in the tower. Imagine a craft the size of a three-bedroom house that can run at near highway speeds in virtually any sea condition. Awesome.

Nantucket 27J

We like small boats too and have this trailerable jet runabout in development with Roth Boat Builders of Marshfield, MA. Weighing 5,400 pounds and powered by a 256-hp diesel, a top speed of 35 knots and a cruise speed of 30 knots is projected. She features a bow thruster, joystick controls, and can be optioned to suit. A sparkling little gem in the finest downeast day boat tradition, she's planned for offshore construction and a very appealing price schedule is anticipated.

60 ULDB Cockpit Motor Yacht

We've been fans of long, lean, light weight power boats since ... well, forever. This is a concept that reached its zenith with the Wall Street commuter yachts of the 1920's and 30's. Once you've seen an 80 year-old Consolidated 66 slicing through a snotty chop at 20 knots with little fuss while you thump along at 8 knots mostly obscured by clouds of spray, you'll wonder why the commuters faded away. And it's not just the ride, those old boats made real speed on what would be tiny motors by today's standards. Nowadays they call that "green." It all makes you wonder why they don't make a comeback. Well, we think maybe they will, albeit for other purposes than riding to the office. Here's our initial take on a 60 x 14 cockpit cruiser with classic motor yacht lines. How does cruising 16 knots on 180 hp using 9 gallons per hour sound? Or a flank speed of 24 knots with a pair of 315 hp diesels? Watch this page for a long range sportfish version coming soon!